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Below you see our moodle plugins. To download a plugin and view related documentation, please click on the plugin name. Also you can post there enhancement ideas, new features and bugs. Moreover you can use a link to get to the moodle disussion forum. You find our moodle plugins on moodles official database, too.

For any information, please contact us directly by mail:

  • This course demonstrates the course player format & block.

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  • The Player plugin makes it possible that your learners can navigate easily through all the course activities and ressources. It consists of two parts:

    1. a course format plugin

    2. a block plugin

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  • The Course Fields & Search Package consists of three plugins:

    1. A local plugin to define course fields.

    2. A course block to enter course field values.

    3. A search page (optional).

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  • The enrolment plugin Enrol upon Approval makes the following enrolment process possible:

    1. User applies for course enrolment.

    2. Admin approves enrolment application (or cancels it).

    3. User gets informed about admin's action by e-mail.

    4. After admin has approved, user is enroled to the course.

    Support for improving the language (en) and language localizations welcome! Also welcome are support in creating documentation.

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  • logo my certification

    The enrolment plugin My Certification consists of two dependent plugins:

    1. Students can print their certificates.

    2. Students can add courses to their certificates collection.

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  • The enrolment plugin Waitlist Enrolment makes the following enrolment process possible:

    1. User applies for course enrolment.

    2. In case there are still free seats, user gets enroled into course. Otherwise user gets put on waiting list.

    3. Users from waiting list get automatically enroled.

    Self enrolment
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